• Vivek Arora

    Seasoned entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in the fashion apparel industry with in depth China manufacturing experience for a wide range of products, from watches, jewelry, hand bags, to fashion eyewear.

    Having grown up in a multi-lingual country and being given the opportunity to start working abroad when young, Vivek has acquired the skills that have made him successful in servicing an array of clients across the globe.

    In 1990, he co-founded San Aurora Pacific Ltd. a start-up enterprise in the apparel and textile industries, growing the company to become a global supplier to Walmart and Target until 2004, when he sold his share of the business to venture solo in another one.

    In 2005 Kagari Pte. Ltd was born to bring fashion accessories to the masses. Vivek operates Kagari from Shanghai, China with a team of skilled and committed international professionals who design and develop quality, trendy and yet affordable fashion accessories, putting Kagari on the path to becoming the leader in its industry.

  • Bya Patzner

    Bya Patzner has lived and worked in Asia for 10+ years. She has a deep understanding of Asian cultures and has extensive skills, knowledge and experience in the areas of product design, product sourcing, development and sales.

    While working in China, Bya joined her long time friend and business owner Vivek Arora, heading up the daily operations for Kagari. Bya's primary work responsibilities include client management, hands-on execution of product design as well as the technical and human resource management of Kagari's international design team comprised of product designers, merchandisers and supplier management personnel.

    Bya's design work has been premiered in numerous design magazines including Better Homes & Gardens, Trends Home, Good Housekeeping, the Shanghai Daily to name a few.

  • Shabana Rehman

    Shabana Rehman is a creative, well-travelled and resourceful designer in Fashion, Home Furnishings and Interior Design, with 10+ years of extensive international experience with leading design teams, doing market and trend analysis, creation and presentation of product lines for retail giants in the US and Europe alike.

    Shabana is based in New York heading Kagari's business development also playing an important role of assisting Kagari Shanghai with fashion trend spotting.

  • Roberto Silva

    Roberto Silva has 23+ years experience in the Brazilian fashion scene. His passion for fashion coupled with an unparalelled talent for identifying and positioning new brands in the market has enabled Roberto to be instrumental in helping fashion retailers to expand their business scope by introducing and increasing their fashion categories in their stores.

    Roberto's partneship with Kagari aims at developing Kagari's partnerships in Brazil with local businesses that are looking to expand in the fashion accessories category through Private Label or thorugh Kagari's own brand via licencing and/or franchising agreements.